All employees are
One-of-a-kind professionals

All employees have their own specialties,
Each one of them is the only one professional in the company.
We are all professionals in our company, and we work together to make our company the best it can be.
We aim to be the only one professional in the company,
We are looking for people who want to become such one-of-a-kind professionals.
We are looking for people to join our team!

Interviews with New Employee

We interviewed new employee who joined the company in 2023.
We interviewed her after she joined the company.

Interview with a senior employee

Interviews with senior employees working at TRD



Experience: 10 years



Experience: 2 years

Office Environment

The Development Department office is located a one-minute walk from Ichibancho Station on Aoba Dori.
The staff designed and painted the walls of this well-loved office.

TRD in figures

Percentage by job type

Development Department 15 persons

2 women, 9 men

General Affairs Department 2 persons

2 women

MiQuare 7 persons

2 women, 5 men

Number of leisure days
granted during the year

Fiscal year 2022 (2022/4 - 2023/3)

Average monthly
overtime hours

0.22 hours
Fiscal year 2022 (2022/4 - 2023/3)


32.5years old
As of 11/11/2023